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In the world of the fantasy series called "the monkey King: a new story", it turns out there are demons. The main character is an amazing girl who challenged them. But long before she was born, the world was ruled by the deity. Thanks to them, the demons could not break free and hurt the world. It was at that moment that the legendary monkey King appeared. Thanks to his ability, which he possessed, the king could deal with the demons in the two accounts. Unfortunately, he suddenly disappeared and the search did not give proper results. The demons immediately felt the impunity, and even more power, and for the world fell on hard times. Gradually, the world began to fill the evil spirits. But, people are not going to give up and is a lot of daredevils. In order to fully resist, the groups unite with a single leader capable of reading Ancient scrolls. But, not all forays end in luck. Best fantasy 2018 look at our site!br>
So is 500 years, and the light appears the heroine. When she grew up a little, she decided that you need to find the monkey King, because only he is able to fight back the demons. On the road, the heroine expects a lot of adventures and dangers, but she does not intend to give up.