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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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Positions dark and light forces under any circumstances remain unchanged. The prospect of co-existence in this world on the basis of parity is very vague. Therefore, brothers Dean and Sam do not miss the opportunity to enter into a confrontation with witches and vampires, ghouls and evil spirits, demons and undead. On account of brave men a lot of ruined lives of the servants of Satan. However, the guys are not going to stop at the achieved result. They dared to challenge even the Devil, depriving him of power in a responsible battle, the outcome of which depended on the existence of the real world. however, Lucifer's offspring have already gained strength and continue to destroy innocent souls and sow evil and death. The Winchesters ' attempt to influence the devil's nature only Angers the ward of the Devil himself. Very soon he will break out of control, destroying indiscriminately all opponents. In such processes, it is easy to lose the main value that all the inhabitants value-their own lives. However, the desperate characters of the TV series "Supernatural" used to take risks, therefore, without much hesitation enter into battles with representatives of diverse mystical dimension. He is able to survive in long battles, but do not forget that the enemies often succeed, using cunning, ingenuity and meanness.

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