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Five girls, best friends, I don't understand why learning. They think that the lessons taught useless things that will not be useful in life. Most of the studied will be quickly forgotten. Thus, 10 years of going to an educational institution will be a waste of time. Instead of useful exercises and solutions practical problems they are having fun, burning in the evening, hair, and taught the Latin and Greek languages. Meanwhile, another Zuckerberg, not graduated from any University, turns the whole world. girls ' Lives are constant parties where they move to the rhythm of dance music. Thanks to such pastime it seems to them that life does not pass in vain. But the heroine realize is only the appearance. Nowhere they do not grow, but only fall down. Now they have a difficult period. Transitional age is beautiful first love and the possibility of new acquaintances, but also brings bitterness in terms of parting and disagreement with the social foundations. Soon enough friends will become adults, and while they are preparing for the next, the most fly in the history of the school party.