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Priests can be divided into two types, who are obliged by their position to help people and there are those who do everything voluntarily and for good. The hero of our series "the exorcist" Thomas belongs to the second type, it is always more treated visitors, because he does everything from the heart and his next client was a woman Angela, which he did not hesitate decided to help. and the fact that her recently very annoying situation related to her home, as it turned out she hears some sounds, something like crying and whispering, but to all this only she feels it. She suspects that his daughter, who has long lived in another city and when her character has changed a lot. She was referred to a therapist who simply advised her to take a break from her studies and adapt. But her return has changed the position of his mother, who began to feel uncomfortable beside her. She changed her demeanor, speech, style and mother turning to the priest assures him that it is not she and someone possessed her.