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The real world is so imperfect, that a lot of people prefer virtual reality. It is sad to hear, because this dependence has become a real disease, which must be fought. Such people are ready to sit around the clock in the world of online video, social networks and other sites. Thanks to talented scientists managed not so long ago to provide the world with a new development that allows you to move into the fictional world completely. In addition to high-definition images, they also feel everything that happens there. Because of this, the brain connects directly to the network and allows you to feel not only emotions, pain and fear, but even a breath of wind.
but, once something unexpected happened and all the players present at this moment in the game, could not get out of it, and fell into a coma. It was necessary to urgently return people to reality, for which the main character was invited young Mara. At one time she was an excellent specialist in negotiations and was well versed in psychology. Mare must from the inside to penetrate the consciousness of the people and try to bring them out. But will everyone want to go back to where they fled so desperately?