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In the series "project runway" shows the world of fashion, which always reflects the bright colors, sometimes it seems simple and the most ideal. It has everything: huge amounts of money and large communication emanating from influential people. But in fact, the world of fashion is fraught with many complex and painstaking moments, because designers and fashion designers work every day to please the audience with their works. They have not a long time to come up with a new collection and demonstrate it on the podium. Not everyone, even the most talented person is capable of such work. And that's not all the features in fashion.
while fashion is developing, there are various competitions among modeling enthusiasts. As you know, to start a business, it is not necessary to have a huge amount of money. It is an absolute reality to start a business from scratch. Plus, you don't have to go to bed with someone to get fame. In the new season, unknown to the world designers will try to present their ideas and show their talent. Who will be able to surprise the jury, will take a super prize, namely a lot of money, thanks to which it will be possible to build your business and direct the channel into the world of fashion. The competition involves 12 people with completely different tastes. They are competitors, but at the same time amicably close-knit team. It is impossible to predict which of them will be the winner.