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The main character of the anime "Person 5" very unlucky, because the boy was accused of killing a prominent politician. Despite the fact that the court recognized the guilt, he managed to get a penal colony in the capital. After, Ren is forced to be in a small room in the attic of one cafe. On the first day, the boy managed to get acquainted not only with the young robber Ryugi, but also the main school beauty Ann. A few days have already passed. But it turned out that the criminal record is not an easy burden. Everyone in the schoolyard thinks he's a criminal. One day, Ren and Ryūji went to school, but the incredible way he found himself in a parallel reality, which he called "Palaces". Then had the most amazing meeting with a cat Morgana, who was able to speak. Surprisingly, the world was created by the subconscious of several people with cherished and strong desires. The local world is arranged in a strange way, because here you can" steal " desires. Realizing the essence of the local life, the guys create their own group called "Ghost kidnappers of hearts." This was done with a good purpose – to eradicate crime. As you work, the heroes are joined by new followers, and in the city they are spoken about, as if about the heroes.