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From outer space to planet Earth begin to receive strange signals. They do not belong to space satellites or other aircraft. It soon becomes clear that the connection came Volcani. Little studied creatures travel the Universe, performing secret missions, which are now interested in scientists. Plan a dangerous expedition into the Solar System, for these purposes constructed special vehicle, a recognized cyber miracle.

the crew includes a person with telekinetic abilities. It becomes clear that the relationship in the team does not add up, and after the aeronauts and did begin to kill each other. The situation is complicated by the fact that the captain of the ship prefers to remain invisible to others, access to the cabin is prohibited. Communication takes place by means of holograms and radio communications that had not previously caused problems. To the ship of strange creatures is at hand, but on Board computer equipment fails. All teams of crew members are sabotaged, scientists are trapped, from which there is no way out.