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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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All fans of the original film and paintings with exciting action scenes, dedicated to a series about the fate of the Punisher. Frank castle is the main character of the film. The young guy grew up in a family of workers, but everything changed after a gang of thugs killed the whole family of the hero. Naturally, this was difficult to recover, the boy realized that his family no one has done wrong, and it is unclear whether the police ever catch criminals. Eventually, Frank decided to train hard to master the body and various receptions only for one purpose — to finish with all bandits of the city. From now on, castle will be a real Punisher. reaction Speed, strength and endurance: all this was trained by the main character. After that, he went to the shooting range, where he pulled the skills of firearms. Soon, Frank took to the streets to fix his own justice over the underworld. After the man tracked down the next criminal authority and his henchmen, he ruthlessly finished with each of them. Naturally, he defended the peace of the citizens of the city, but one day, the underworld learned that they hunt a ruthless vigilante. From now on, he's been hunted.

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