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An Italian named Leonardo Caliostro works as a police Commissioner. He is a very talented investigator and believes that he does not need additional help. To work, he goes without a companion, and when the situation becomes dangerous, Leonardo don't spawn. His wife Anna is also connected with justice and supports her husband in everything. Once suspicious police output alone to the challenge and was tragically killed during the execution of their work. Who was the killer of Cagliostro is unknown but the suspicion is the whole police station.
the Case may not have been able to unfold, but Leonardo is reincarnated as a Ghost. Only no one sees and hears how he cope with such a difficult task. He meets a teenage girl who has the ability of a medium, and can see his restless soul. Their way to solve the crime will be long, but you must definitely stop the criminal. His next victim should be wife Anna, but the Ghost of Leonardo will fight for her salvation.