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Clark Kent's home planet, or as his parents called him Kal — El, was "krypton." Before there were people, and one of them was the grandfather of the superhero, who lived 200 years before the birth of Clarke. The parents of the main character of the series was influential people. His family came from ancient roots. In the political game, the status of the parents and the hero was close and in demand by the allies. However, this is what played a cruel joke with the main characters. The main character of the series is SIG-El, whose parents became exiles due to the fact that they trusted the wrong person. Declaring them criminals, the whole family began to hunt. Naturally, unjustly accused people were not going to just give up and therefore were forced to hide from the authorities. However, the traitor tracked down his enemies and killed them, the only one who managed to survive is their son. Seeing the murder of his parents with his own eyes, SIG vowed revenge.[BR] When the boy grew up a little, he began to disguise himself and settled in society as a developer of various techniques. While he was minding his own business, he did not forget to meet his enemy. In an attempt to join the ranks of the enemy, SIG meets a charming girl who won his heart. So, thanks to the new lover, the man forgets about revenge and is going to live a happy family. However, later, the hero finds out that this girl is the heir of his very old enemy.