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  • Comedy
The star of TV screens and the multiple winner of combative duels van Damme decided to retire and have a rest. He settled in a small town, and gave himself to the power of entertainment and fleeting Hobbies. Each day is similar to the previous one. Most often he visits a local bar, where he meets another beauty. Passionate night in her arms and parting without any obligations. From the outside it may seem that the star actor just comes off. He can't really forget the woman he loves, Vanessa.
< br>Jean-Claude met her on the set of the next blockbuster. Between the lovers erupted the volcano of passion. But the situation was such that they had to part. Since then, the character "Jean Claude van Johnson" season 1 didn't see Vanessa. And the man knew that really hurt the actress. But once, visiting a small eatery, he met with the, about whom'americain all these years. But she was cold. The only thing he learned that the heroine is late for a plane flying to Bulgaria. A favorite of women, all his life working for the government under the pseudonym "Johnson", asks to give him a job in Sofia, to be able to get closer to the one that is so far.