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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Crime
In the fourth season of "I'm a zombie", the main character Olivia is no longer the only zombie. With each new day they are becoming more and more, and this is due to the fact that unknown persons have spread the virus, from which there is no antidote and everyone who is infected with them is doomed to become a living dead. Due to the fact that they became an incredible number, the country was in danger. After all, among the zombies there are still ordinary people who are not willing to accept the fact that their neighbors may not be people, and the dead. As a result, it is time for mass confrontations. The girl is very excited, because her city is faced with such events. Her main desire was to help her hometown, and she took up the development of the antidote.
But not everything is so simple and each new attempt ended in failure. The girl's knowledge is not strong enough to create a vaccine. And so everything fell into the hands of the government, which is obliged to do something and finish it without incident. At the next meeting it was decided to declare an emergency. The government has launched troops into the territory. In order not to come to a series of murders due to starvation, the authorities decided to start feeding the dead. Now every American must make a will where he signs that the brain after death will be given to zombies.