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Two black girlfriends are trying to find their happiness in the huge Los Angeles. The girls, who have long been turned thirty, still believe that real men exist, although on their life path most often come across weak-willed Mama's sons, calculating Gigolos and loafers. Girls understand that it is not enough to find a beautiful sexy guy, it is necessary that the gentleman could eventually approach the role of a caring spouse and father of children, and in fact it is almost impossible to tie the knot of modern young men. Solving problems in personal life, the girls are trying to get a high-paying job, but even in such a tolerant state, they experience oppression from those who have lighter skin. to dark-skinned job seekers, the authorities are lenient, and sometimes they are considered more stupid than white competitors. African-American women do not allow themselves to fall into despair and believe that soon their fate will necessarily come favorable changes, the main thing is not to give up and as often as possible to be in interesting places where you can meet with the future second half. Optimistic girlfriend and do not realize how attractive they are.