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  • Drama
From early childhood, the main character of the series "Impulse" named Henrietta, began to notice a strange thought. Naturally, the girl thought different from their peers. Time went on and the young heroine had to watch only the strengthening of thoughts. Strange impulses and shivering in the body accompanied life. When Henrietta was 16 years old, she finally realized that the guesses were true. It turned out, girl is capable to inconceivable things-teleportation. But now it is important not to fall into hysterics and thoughts about the global, because such a gift should be used wisely. So the girl believed that will not reveal the abilities of the rest of your life. Was so until one case.
By chance, the heroine met with a drug dealer and they had a quarrel. During a fit of hatred Henrietta became convinced of the abilities. The girl disappeared from the dealer, teleported. The girl had long planned to escape from the hated suburbs and the opportunity finally took place. But, as elsewhere, there is a second side to this ability. Soon after the heroine begins hunting.