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In the adventure series from China tells that in ancient times there was one of the powerful empires that fought with the other. The thing is, they were as different as ice and flames, and that's not surprising, because one of them was an Empire of ice, and the other, as you might guess, was a flame. The war was very fierce and lasted for a long time. Many years passed before the ice Empire won. From that moment passes exactly one hundred years. In the center of the plot is two brothers that share the throne. To be more precise to say that the elder brother should become the ruler, but the younger it wants to go. But soon a quarrel between the brothers became interested in the dark forces. During the coronation of his older brother, he learns that something incredible happened. The fact is that both the brother and the beloved disappeared at the same time. The monarch soon suspected that this was not the only problem, as he was preparing an attempt. In order to save the throne and his own life, the main character goes to the rebels where he dealt with their leader. Unfortunately, for this moment the younger brother lost memory and even became leader of Empire of the flame. From now on, it is necessary to stop the newly emerging war and return relatives.