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At school, Westenberg has long been running the ball triumvirate of high school girls. Three arrogant girls who think they're College Queens all have the same name - Heather. In addition to the name, they also have common Hobbies, for example, public humiliation of outsiders and excellent students, hooliganism and other unpleasant antics. In order not to be known as an outcast, a modest and kind girl Veronica Sawyer is ready to do her homework for the commanders, smile at them even in the most ridiculous joke, wear them Lunches and attend strange parties that did not bring Tikhon Veronica any pleasure. The girl felt rather tired to be servants for the "elite" school, especially one of the girls angrily ridiculed Sawyer, when the unfortunate sick for the next teen party with booze, loud music and dubious entertainment. Veronica's New friend by the name of Jason, the son of the owner of a large construction company, suggested to the girlfriend to revenge the offender. Since enrolling in College, he became an attorney for the spiritual secrets of Sawyer, and did not want his friend to continue to be the object of ridicule. Teenagers decided at the next party to slip impudent Heather cocktail of milk and sour juice to her vomited, as well as ridiculed her Veronica. An innocent trick turned into a tragedy - instead of milk in the glass was a means of household chemicals. Heather died from severe acid poisoning, and Veronica's consciousness was sent a terrible suspicion, because it was Jason at first offered to pour the girl in a drink detergent.