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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The main character of the drama series is a man working as a pathologist. Many will agree that such work is not quite usual and as a result, it affected the character of the main character. He is smart, not sociable and often ulcers. A lot of people, both familiar and strangers, in dealing with him treated with caution. But, it is worth it to explore, and an initial opinion fades into the background. In addition, the methods of work of men are not quite ordinary and often cause controversy. However, despite everything, the man is the real expert in the area. He gets away with a lot, and he continues to perform brilliantly tasks. Colleagues respected him for it. the young hero has a family, with his wife and daughter, who understand that it is not easy with him. After work, he always comes home where he is expected. Sometimes, a man is given such tasks that it is unimaginable how he copes with them. For example, you can bring a pile of strange substance, once a former man, and the pathologist must determine the cause of death. Many of the most complicated cases entrusted to him. But, even such a person has his own secrets, which he does not want to tell anyone.