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Ordinary life is not quite an ordinary school will tell you about the teenagers that live here. Academy greenhouse is characterized by the fact that there are children of the orphanage. Viewers are given the opportunity to observe the formation of people, their talents and how they are going to enter into adulthood. Once. There lived a girl known by the name of Ryan woods. She was distinguished by the fact that she was able, despite all obstacles, to achieve this goal. The woman was able not only to go into space, but also to fly around the moon! As if she were a heroine – in the woods are equal to all teenagers, wanting to also leave their mark in history. But, unfortunately, Ryan survived a space accident, after which, killed her entire crew. since then it has been about six months and now, her son is going to become a pupil of the boarding school. The boy is going to prove to himself and people that he is able to continue the work started by his mother. When his own sister began to claim his brother's room, it did not work, as they both became students of Granhaus. From now on, it seems like a whole life with dreams and opportunities for their implementation. Unfortunately, it seems only at first glance. Once it becomes known about the conflict between the two faculties, living in the boarding school is changing and in addition, everyone will learn about the existence of a third party to the conflict.