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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Crime
After the terrible events that forever changed the face of Gotham, Jim Gordon ceased to walk confidently through life. Too many problems fell on his head. The city was forever changed, becoming different. Evil changed the face, and now in his place came dangerous villains.
But it's not that simple. On permanent watch came and new heroes. Now, in addition to the police, there are new forces of good that want to bring justice to the dark streets of a small man-made Hell. The final confrontation between good and evil and who wins in this ever changing battle - it is unclear.
Jim is forced to find himself between two fires. Although new allies and try to serve for the good of the city, none of them puts the law in the first place. A vigilante justice like a faithful defender of Gotham as much as the constant chaos. How to persuade the noble men, and not to deprive them of the last hope to change Gotham in his image and likeness, unfortunately, knows absolutely not a single resident of the city.