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The protagonist of the anime "Golden God" named Saichi after suffering the Russo-Japanese war has been considered a truly immortal person. That is the conclusion he came to after many times hanging on the verge of death, but miraculously remained alive. The young man is forced to live in poverty, instead of basking in the rays of glory, after he was recognized as a hero of the war. But, in addition to the fact that most need to eat and take care of their own well-being, the guy is responsible to a colleague. The matter is that the lost fighter asked Saichi to look after the wife. One day a young man heard the legend that there is a treasure in Hokkaido with a huge amount of gold. But, here not everything is so simple, after all riches were hidden by one criminal who encrypted a code of search of a treasure on backs of prisoners in the form of tattoos. To get rich, you need to collect all those who are in prison. It does not matter whether they are alive or dead, the main thing is that the pattern on the body remains preserved. From this point, Saichi indulges in all serious to help his fallen friend and to become rich.