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  • Western
In the center of the series is a man who by fate turned into a real robber. All the fault was the childhood and the environment of the boy Frank, who grew up on the streets, who did not know the practical advice from his parents. From youth the guy understood that it is possible to rely only on itself and anybody in this sinful world to you will not give a helping hand and therefore, and most it is impossible to ask and help anything. Starting from a young age. The hero of the series "Forgotten by God" began to steal from stores, and then, to make daring raids. Soon, the guy was a true legend. As an adult, Frank managed to put together a good state and at this moment, a stranger came up to him, who decided that Frank would not be prevented by a real comrade-in-arms. Having discussed everything, Frank decides to take the stranger to himself, and next morning, he found loss of the workmate and his hard-earned sum of money. the Man immediately rushed in pursuit of God-forsaken place to catch up with the bastard. On the way. He stayed in a small village where only girls and women lived. The next morning, Frank realizes that something is going wrong here. He wonders where the men have gone. When the hero is going to leave a hot spot, he comes to the realization that this is not as easy as we would like.