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In the series "Ghosts" the main character Leroy Wright, a young man who wholeheartedly believes in rationalism, as it is strictly against the supernatural. However, the second character Max Ellison exactly the opposite, convinced that mystical and inexplicable phenomena takes place in human life. He sees fate as a kind of substance that is not subjected to any explanation.
the Characters decided to start their research and convince their comrade that his point of view is the only correct one. So they begin their adventures in the center of Los Angeles. Now they are representatives of a special Department, where they are engaged in various paranormal phenomena. Young people began to work on one task, which is manifested by the inexplicable waves that seem to be trying to warn humanity that a catastrophe is approaching them. The main persons of the story are the characters who managed to be the first to know that the entire planet is in danger and she needed protection. Will the guys be able to take on this responsibility and tell people that the Apocalypse is coming?