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Albert Einstein's personality is contradictory and ambiguous. Biographers and scholars argue about his religiosity, political views, personal life and moral beliefs. Einstein's "genius" can not be denied, the world-famous scientist became the main character of the drama series. The first season tells of the early life of men down to work on the theory of relativity.
in his younger years, the man could not get a job, he was closed the way to a great science. There was a time when the future world-renowned genius could not get a school teacher. On the verge of starvation physicist was not discouraged and continued to fight. Later he got a job at the patent Office, doing his own research in parallel. To world fame was far away, the work was hampered by factors of different nature: personal problems and the situation in the world. Already in 1922, the scientist received a well-deserved Nobel prize, and then did not stop working. The coming to power of the Nazis marked a new page in life physics.
the storyline is based on the most famous facts from the life of the physicist, special attention is paid to the theory of relativity. Becoming the author of the theory, Einstein immortalized his name, made an invaluable contribution to science.