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This is only in our real world, the invisible war between the two superpowers was over in 1991, and in the alternate universe on the same planet, it is still ongoing. It's going action anime "Steel alarm" and talks about the Mithril group, which includes elite squads of mercenaries.
The main cycle of short stories was completed on the twelfth, final part in 2010, while it was presented to the public back in 1998. About 11 million copies were sold worldwide.
In addition to the serial picture released in 2002, the Directors decided to create a 12-episode series "Steel alarm". Since then, 13 more series have been released. In 2006 it was decided to release a full-length DVD movie. Today, in 2018, the next premiere was released.
In the center of the story is Sergeant Sagara Sousuke, who was assigned a very important task. Man needs to protect high school student Kaname Chidori. The main character has incredible abilities, as a child he received a military education, and because of the difficult relationship in the family, he is not inclined to communicate with people. But now, the guy feels "at ease", because in addition to the protection of the girl, he is still forced to have time to perform school tasks.