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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Whether you like to sleep or not, the fact that it will have to do is undoubtedly there. According to the data provided by researchers, about a quarter of life we spend in the world of dreams. But, it is not known exactly what is happening outside of reality, in the world of sleep. One theory, described in the series called Falling water season 2 which can now be viewed online. The project was conceived not as a serious statement of his own theory and not even as clever fiction, the creators have done something like urban fantasy.
according to the plot of the picture, there are three special people about whom and will be discussed. One of them is the mother of a son named Tess. But, as it turns out, no one believes in what she says, because no one saw the boy. In the end, Tess begins to doubt and believed he could see his son only in the dream. This and the other series of the genre fiction You can find on link.the
is Asian, named Taka is the position of police officer. His mother has been in a coma for quite a long time. In addition to career and natural needs, a man often spends with his mother. One day a strange woman approached a young police officer and asked him for a strange service in exchange for helping his mother to recover. Taka must find the boy, all he has to do is search, and when they run out the man will give a conditional signal. Since then, he tries his best to help a strange woman, and in exchange for this, can communicate with a woman in a coma through their dreams.
the Third hero is Burton, who works as head of security in one of the banks. It is impossible to shake it, after all it passed serious physical training in special forces. But, it is only so he thought. Everything changes when Burton meets a girl. Only here it is, like other heroes, is only in my dreams. Soon everything begins to change, and the man clearly understands — this girl is actually in danger and without help she can not get out.

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