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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
In the center of events a fascinating story about the life of one person max Easton. Max in the past was an agent of the security services, which for more than ten years engaged in espionage, not once risked his life for the British crown, performed the most complex special.operations and participated in various shootings. But max wanted a normal ordinary life, and he left the service forever. As him seemed forever. There are no ex-special agents. Max Easton wanted a normal quiet life in France, next to his beloved wife and children,he does what he wants, he does not need to risk himself anymore. But at one point the entire planned max's life falls apart. In tragic accidental circumstances die favorite son max Easton. Max's life is turned upside down. Thoughts do not give rest to the father and he wants to investigate this incident. He took an oath not to return to the secret service anymore, but now he cannot remain in the dark. He needs to know the truth, he needs to figure out how it happened, who's involved. Max goes back to work for the CIA and starts an investigation, but has no idea what he'll be involved in. he learns a terrible secret that his son's death is connected with his past activities. And that his son was just a bargaining chip in the war between British and American intelligence. Max really wants to avenge the death of his son and is ready to do anything. He uses all his professional skills and directs the blow to his target-the murderers of his son. Now they are his blood enemies and they will be repaid. He finds out that people from the Middle East are involved in the death of his son and begins to prepare his special operation. After all, to avenge the death of his son max will reveal a global conspiracy and expose all the perpetrators.

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