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The protagonist of the series is a lazy guy named Kevin, who has achieved nothing in life due to his character. For him within things the absence of promising, and indeed, any work, as well as great goals and desire to achieve something more in this life. Of course, people from the outside it seems like a man is a real slacker and a fool, but no one knows that he has an occupation and it is to help ghosts. It turned out that Kevin has some capabilities of the medium and therefore knows firsthand that the world is inhabited by restless souls. Almost all the spirits and ghosts exist on Earth with unfinished business. And of course, the main character helps them to do what they did not have time in life. It was after this, with a calm soul, a Ghost is dispatched for a large existence. In addition, he is often approached by people who have felt the presence of the supernatural in their homes. Kevin comes in and messes with souls. Because of this, he finds out what's keeping them in this world. But sometimes it happens that the medium itself, like ghosts, comes to bewilderment from communication. On the way he has a lot of incredible things that ask him to make a supernatural being. But besides these communications, he has another friend who works in gradilista, besides, a man likes one presenter covering the paranormal. Of course, the boy understands that she only leads people by the nose, and she does not believe it.

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