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Vandal savage is a villain. He's over 4,000 years old. Events began to evolve in Egypt, when Savage liked charming girl shaera. However, she chose Prince Hiops. Vandal destroyed a couple in love. He committed this terrible crime with the help of a special enchanted dagger, which allowed them to be reborn every time. Now the girl and the Prince were born again, but each time they found the killer and brutally dealt with them. This helped the villain to become more powerful. In the future, he was able to conquer the whole world, leaving a void and ruins.

But, in this time lives man named Rip hunter. He has the ability to travel through time and change the past. But, the top management forbade it to interfere with this history, explaining it that the situation can become even worse. Then Rip decided to act on their own, so as he had personal scores with Vandal. He couldn't just look at this mess. He takes a ship and heads into the 20th century to assemble a team against an insidious enemy. He can't handle him alone. First, the man needs to find Shaer and Hiops. The team of Hair includes eight fearless defenders that are endowed with unique talents.

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