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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The German town of Viden. This is a provincial area, quiet and peaceful. There is a special event not happening, except some special cases, and then only rarely. The locals live a normal life, without any vivid experiences and shocks. One of the inhabitants of the city is a teenager named Jonas. Recently his father died, after which the guy started hallucinating, and at night he sees the nightmares. Unbeknown to anyone, he is sent for treatment, but it does not help. Neither pills, nor conversations with experts, nor any other methods of influence do not bring the desired relief. Meanwhile, his mom's Dating a local police officer, Ulrich. The man is married, so the novel they have to keep secret. Usually in this place the police have little work, but after the sudden disappearance of a boy named Eric all the forces of law enforcement officers throw in search of him. The reasons for his loss are unknown, there is no evidence or clues, it seems that he just ran away from home. Jonas and his friend know that Eric had a stash of soft drugs that they decided to find. And the city is gradually sinking into chaos, because there is another dead body...