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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
No one knows exactly what time is and perhaps it is not so linear. In addition, it is not known whether the connection of the past with the future. In the center of the plot are the inhabitants of a small town, which is located next to the nuclear power plant. Residents were shocked by the news that Eric was missing — a local teenager. The guy disappeared without a trace, despite the search, the police could not find him. About the incident, among the local population there are various rumors. Naturally, the parents are shocked and accuse the police, which is inactive. Most often, a young boy ran into the thicket of the forest, his secluded and secret place. Friends, hoping to find a guy, go to this place hoping to find evidence or clues. Also, the guys know that Eric had a stash of weed. Friends decided to make a sortie at night and did not expect what will face. In a panic, everyone fled to their homes, but it turned out that not all returned, since one of them was missing. Volunteers and police gather in search to walk through the forest more often. They find the boy's body, but it turns out he's not the one they were looking for. In soon the entire town as if gone mad, and old people is exclaiming about how, that is returning the gloom. What is it going on and where do the guys go?

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