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  • Genres:
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  • Crime
The novice lawyer Maggilu from the TV series Better call Saul, who took a resounding alias Saul Goodman, from a small little town in new Mexico are having a hard time: he gets small, bringing little profit business, where his clients become either bullies are teenagers, or commit petty theft criminals. He has high hopes for his client's case against a large Corporation, where the lawsuit promises millions of profits, but the case breaks down because he can not resist savvy corporate lawyers, for which there is a lot of money. Then he gets involved in an illegal Scam trying to swindle money from the clerk, robbed the Treasury of half a million dollars. But the family of the official simply disappears, having played kidnapping. All his undertakings connected with big money end in failures. So again and again he has to go back to court and act as a public defender for little money. But the only advantage in his public defense is the huge experience he gained in the courtroom, the ability to negotiate with the prosecution, the judge and the guards for the sake of his clients. Although a lot of money he never sees, but he continues to hope that one day him to fall down the case with a large fee.

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