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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Nineteen-year-old heroine of the mystical series was not lucky to Wake up in a hotel with a complete loss of memory. In addition, she was horrified after she found herself in the bathroom in blood. Later, she runs into the corridor, but the hotel staff does not notice her and passes through it. She soon realizes what happened. Police officers came, and told relatives that the girl was killed. The heroine herself watches how investigators and detectives work, but can not get to them. The first thing she tries to understand is who needed to kill her. Among other things, she does not remember what happened the night before. Watching all the living from the side, the girl needs to find out who is the criminal. Suspecting every resident of a small town, she begins her own investigation. It turned out that half of the city hides various secrets that should not be disclosed. Despite the fact that the town looks peaceful and happy, many secrets are kept inside the closed doors. The girl does not remember why she was in a luxury hotel and what was happening there recently. Realizing that it will not be possible to return to life, she tries to understand her own death. But even if she finds the culprit, what can she do to him?

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