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One doctor, who is known in the district as a brilliant scientist in the field of robotics, once asked the question: can Android replace a person? Unfortunately, the answer had to seek on own bitter experience. The powerful head of the Corporation Pikey Group, and part-time grandfather of the heroine, 20 years ago took her 8-year-old son with you. Without a son, but still frustrated by the news of the death of her husband, she was in shock. Then, she was forced to hide and chose for herself in the Czech Republic, where the development of the Android boy began. The woman created it in the image of her son, who began to grow as a real boy. Despite the resemblance, the nature of the machine was different. Later, the woman created an artificial intelligence, which gave human qualities and emotions. Years passed and a real boy grew up. He now lives in Korea and became Director of one of units Pikey. Of course, he was always cold with his relatives and each time tried to find his mother. Now he has a bride, whose father is weaving machinations against the guy. When the boy decided to go to the Czech Republic for his mother, his worst enemy found out about it and sent an assassin. The plan worked partially, and We Sina got hit by a truck, but luckily the guy was still alive. Native mother was at this moment nearby and took away the son to herself. Android meanwhile, too, witnessed a car accident and went to Korea instead of the real heir. But, the big problem was the dissimilarity of characters. The only employee in Pikey Group arrived in the Czech Republic and he could be trusted, it was this man who could be given robot training.