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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
"Korean Odyssey "is an adaptation of modernity, based on the Chinese satirical fiction novel"Journey to the West". In the story, the main character is a powerful God, who because of his arrogance was punished by the heavenly deities. Not only that he was sent to the sinful earth, so also deprived of powerful forces. Now, the former God had nothing to do with your life, it only remained for him thousands of years to observe the life of people. But, at the last moment about the rut lost its former steadfastness. In his life became a smart and beautiful Jin sun Mi. It was already modern time and the girl was a real estate agent. The man had the impression that the fortune favors the girls. Any real estate transaction Jin can make without difficulty. Sleep began to realize that it does not depend on skills. After checking the pedigree of the girl, he found out that the realtor is a descendant of ancient monks. They in its time destroyed powerful demons. A little savvy, the Dream realized that beauty can give him its former strength, but only if you fall in love. However, not everything is so simple and there was a competitor who owns the largest entertainment Agency. It turned out to be a demon too, who dreams of the enlightenment. Now to be a serious struggle for the girl's heart.